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Article: How To Tie A Scarf: The Neckerchief

autumn silk scarf

How To Tie A Scarf: The Neckerchief



Step 1: Fold your square scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle.

Step 2: Starting with the point of the triangle keep folding till you create a long rectangular shape.

Step 3: Loop the scarf around your neck with the ends in front and tie once.

Step 4: To create a nice knot, wrap one end around your finger creating a loop. Take the other end and push it through the loop. Pull both ends out.

Step 5: Turn your knot to the side.

Et voilà.

Shown with the Fleur Sauvage Pumpkin Paisley silk neckerchief scarf.

* Sometimes all you need is a simple neckerchief to finish your outfit!


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